Saturday Kayaking Adventure

Saturday Kayaking Adventure with Cormorants!

On Saturday I went kayaking with a group of 7 people.  2 families.  4 adults and 3 children.  It was a beautiful day!  We couldn’t have asked for better weather after all the rain here last week :(

We went kayaking around Sarasota Bay, Lido Key to be exact.  We launched from South Lido County Park and kayaked around Otter Key.

One of our first wild visitors was a cormorant.  These amazing birds have evolved into better swimmers than fliers.  They have undeveloped oil glands which mean their feathers becomes saturated in water and they can glide through the water more easily.

looking out over the water of lido key
Lido Key Launch Site

They love to swim all around our kayaks because when we are in shallow water our oars scare fish that live in the sea grasses that are only 1 or 2 feet below us.  When we scare the fish out of the grass the cormorants zip underwater to catch the fish.  It’s really cool to watch actually because they swim all around, under, and in between our kayaks looking for fish.  When they catch one they come to the surface, flip the fish around, and swallow it whole!

Cormorants can dive up to 100 feet.  They are present in most parts of the world and they are expert fishermen.

After some of the cormorants swimming around us had caught their fill, they flew into some nearby norfolk pines where we could hear them feeding their young.  It was really cool to see Nature at work.

Stay posted for the best part of our Saturday kayaking adventure coming up next!


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