Including Sarasota Kayaking in Your Florida Vacation

dolphin spotted on sarasota bay kayaking tours

Create Memories with Sarasota Kayaking Trips

Vacations are a blast and can be even better with a Sarasota kayaking trip. Coming up with exciting vacation activities is so much fun. From hiking, to sightseeing, to eating wild and original cuisine, there are always tons of options to choose from. However, for a fun and original way to spend a vacation, kayaking may be the most underrated way to have a great time.There are many locations nationwide that offer kayaking tours, but one of the best around is Sarasota, Florida. Florida is a great location to find many of nature’s wonders and a kayaking outing only adds to the pleasure.

Sarasota kayaking is something that’s been around for some time now. Sarasota offers wonderful scenery, complete with lush greenery and wild animals that highlight Florida’s rich, natural environment. Sightings of many animals including dolphins, manatees, great egrets, and ospreys can occur at any time while out on the trails and waterways of Sarasota.

A trip can be planned by yourself or by a professional vacation planning company to allow for maximum enjoyment and the ability to see all that Sarasota has to offer. Finding the right mix of vacation pleasures is very important when planning a kayaking trip to Sarasota, and there are many different kayaking vacation companies that can outline an entire trip for you. It is important to remember that not all kayaking companies are the same and it is best to do some research to find the best one that offers the best sightseeing, activities, and kayaking packages that you can find.

Osprey Near Robert's Bay, Sarasota
Osprey Near Robert’s Bay, Sarasota

For those that are looking for a little adventure in their vacations, it isn’t necessary to look any further than a Sarasota kayaking package. From shooting through mangrove tunnels, to leisurely cruises down a serene river, through beautiful scenery and vibrant wildlife, Sarasota has all that you could ask for in a kayaking vacation destination.

Giving yourself something to remember is what’s most important when on vacation, and a kayaking trip to Sarasota could be the memory of a lifetime. With all that Sarasota has to offer, do yourself a favor and book a fun, relaxing, memorable kayaking vacation now.

Manatee Sighting in Sarasota Bay

front of boat on myakka river kayaking tour

It’s A Manatee!


Manatees sightings were above average in Sarasota Bay last week.  Mantees enjoy the warm water and the plentiful seagrass when they come here.

They spend half their day sleeping in the water, surfacing every 20 minutes or so for air.  The rest of the day they spend grazing.  Not a bad life huh?  They are mostly solitary animals except for when males are pursuing a female or a mother is caring for her calf.  Manatees take it slow.  They average about 5 miles/hr when they’re swimming but have been known to get up to 20 miles/hr in short bursts!

They are curious creatures and will often  come right up to your kayak.

Unfortunately their curious nature often gets them in to trouble when they get too close to propeller-driven watercraft.  Many manatees die each year from injuries sustained from contact with motorboats.  Fortunately many still survive and it’s important that we can see and interact with this wonderful, though endangered, animal.

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