Ecotourism In Florida: What Is An Ecotour?

Understanding Ecotourism and Eco Tours

Ecotourism is an environmentally friendly form of sustainable travel with the intent to appreciate your surroundings. More and more tourists choose to give up on artificial island resorts to take part in eco tours at nature reserves and other areas of great ecological significance, passing untouched landscapes with care and humility.

It’s a welcome change from regular mass tourism, which has come to be considered a bane of fragile ecosystems and pristine wildlife. An increasing number of people have started to participate in special eco tours of the most remote and exotic corners of the world, taking in the nature’s wonders untouched by the civilization and supporting the local communities in the process.

Eco Tours in Florida

Map of Florida highlighting Sarasota County
Map of Florida highlighting Sarasota County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ecotourism has also caught on back in United States, where there are hundreds of national parks and natural areas waiting to be explored by responsible tourists who realize the significance of these places for our future.

Eco tours in Florida have recently gained traction due to the unique landscape and ecology found in Sarasota. The city’s near vicinity features abundant opportunities for eco tours, especially while kayaking through Siesta Key and Lido Key Beaches. These tours provide an insight into the local flora and fauna that you wouldn’t encounter elsewhere. They also serve as a smooth introduction to the ideals of ecotourism.

Ecotourism Guidelines

The term “ecotourism” is used very loosely when referring to other forms of travel, so there are several types of tourism that the word might mean to different people. No common regulations are imposed on people who choose to participate in ecotourism, but there are some basic guidelines and principles shared by responsible travelers that preserve the environments that they visit on eco tours.

  • Minimized impact on your surroundings.
  • Cultural and environmental awareness.
  • Positive experience for both visitors and hosts.
  • Financial support for local communities and preserves.
  • Awareness of the political and social climate of your destination.

Not all of these guidelines apply for eco tours in Florida, but it’s still useful to know them in case you decide to participate in ecotourism in any other part of the world. It’s a form of travel ethics that you can apply in any location to reverse your negative impact on the surrounding environment.

Reasons to Participate in Eco Tours

Some of the most important highlights of ecotourism are social responsibility, respect for the environment and personal growth. The primary attractions of eco tour destinations are pristine wildlife, exotic flora and cultural heritage, instead of the entertainment value usually expected on regular tourist tours.

The kayaking adventures of eco tours in Sarasota, FL combine the best from these two worlds by introducing genuinely fun activities to take part in with no risk of harming the surrounding environment.

The hidden treasures of Lido Key and Siesta Key Beaches will welcome participants of all ages, who will spend their time learning important lessons of natural awareness and enjoying unforgettable views of landscapes you wouldn’t expect to see without ever leaving the United States.

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