Kayak Rentals in Sarasota Florida

Kayak Rentals For Some Sarasota Fun!

Are you ready to hit the bay? How about taking a relaxing leisurely float down one of the many river routes that empty into gorgeous Gulf of Mexico? Maybe you have always wanted to go to Anna Maria Island, or see Longboat Key? Do any of these strike your fancy? If so, then kayak rentals and adventure might just be the perfect thing for you. If you aren’t sure how to go about planning the perfect kayaking trip, consider finding a good Sarasota kayak rental company first. A company that will not only provide you with the perfect transportation to enjoy scenic Florida, but will also plan your route for maximum enjoyment.

kayaks used for our kayaking tours
Kayaks all lined up under the Florida Sun

Planning your adventure is what renting a kayak from Bay and Gulf Adventures is all about. We will come up with the route that fits both your personality and desires, so that you experience the best kayaking trip ever. Whether it’s a tour of Lido Key and Siesta Key, or exploring the exotic mangrove tunnels, we can help you plan the perfect trip. It all starts with choosing the best Sarasota kayak rentals the Sarasota Bay area has to offer.

Sarasota, Florida is a hotbed for kayak rentals and there are a lot of different companies that will rent you a kayak, help you plan your trip or take you on guided tours. Then, there is going at it alone, renting a kayak without the aid of a company, without a plan and just winging it. While that can be fun, it can also make for some unforeseeable mishaps. The possibility of getting lost is very real, as is encountering dangerous wildlife. So, when it comes to having the perfect kayaking trip, you are much better off if you plan it out with a seasoned expert who knows where the best spots to see Sarasota’s wildlife, plant life and sea creatures are.

Sarasota kayaking tour guide Scott Whitehead
Me and my truck!

Bay and Gulf Adventures offers an array of  kayak rentals in Sarasota and is the best place to start your kayaking vacation. We will help you with all of the necessary arrangements so that you have memories that will last a lifetime.