Manatee Sighting in Sarasota Bay

front of boat on myakka river kayaking tour

It’s A Manatee!


Manatees sightings were above average in Sarasota Bay last week.  Mantees enjoy the warm water and the plentiful seagrass when they come here.

They spend half their day sleeping in the water, surfacing every 20 minutes or so for air.  The rest of the day they spend grazing.  Not a bad life huh?  They are mostly solitary animals except for when males are pursuing a female or a mother is caring for her calf.  Manatees take it slow.  They average about 5 miles/hr when they’re swimming but have been known to get up to 20 miles/hr in short bursts!

They are curious creatures and will often  come right up to your kayak.

Unfortunately their curious nature often gets them in to trouble when they get too close to propeller-driven watercraft.  Many manatees die each year from injuries sustained from contact with motorboats.  Fortunately many still survive and it’s important that we can see and interact with this wonderful, though endangered, animal.

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Guided Kayaking Tours

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Your Guided Kayaking Tour Awaits

Scott has over 20 years of experience leading groups a kayakers on journeys of discovery through Sarasota Bay.  He has designed some exclusive tours to offer visitors to the area.  If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to really get in touch with nature, look no further.

Scott personally guides kayakers on all his tours and freely shares his wealth of ecological knowledge along the way.  There are four tours that Scott offers, all different in their own way.

First is the Lido Key Tour where visitors kayak through mangrove tunnels, watch dolphins and manatees surface right next to their kayaks, and explore the beautiful bayous and mangrove forests of Sarasota Bay.  Bird sightings are above average and include Osprey, eagles, pelicans, egrets, and herons. Lush sea grass beds cover the bottom of Sarasota Bay yielding sea stars, urchins, conchs, and sea cucumbers.

Next is the Myakka River tour. Myakka State Park is one of the largest and most diverse wetlands park in Florida. The Myakka river connects two shallow-water lakes and from there flows into the Gulf. Kayakers can view all sorts of wildlife on this tour including deer, wild boar, turtles and even alligators!

The Jim Neville Marine Preserve tour is another favorite. The preserve includes several islands in Little Sarasota Bay that are accesible only by boat. The deepwater channel nearby means that dolphin and manatee sightings are very common. The bird rookeries are home to roseate spoonbill, great blue heron, great egret, brown pelican, osprey and many more. Scott also takes kayakers shark tooth hunting and shelling on the gulf side of nearby Midnight Pass.

For the bird lovers that come to Sarasota Scott offers the Robert’s Bay bird-watching tour. This tour takes kayakers to the largest rookery in the area. Bird sighings include Rossette Spoonbills, black & yellow Crowned Night Herons, Pelicans, Snowy Egrets, Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Ospreys, and Eagles.

With something for everyone many visitors go on more than one of Scott’s Sarasota Kayaking Adventures.

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Kayak Rentals in Sarasota

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Need A Kayak Rental?

For those looking for a more personalized kayaking experience Scott will recommend some of the best launch sites in the area and deliver the kayaks to you.

Go exploring! Some of our favorite spots in Sarasota Bay are the bird rookeries of Robert’s Bay, the dolphin sightings of the Jim Neville Nature Preserve, the alligators of Myakka State Park, and of course, the beautiful mangrove tunnels of Lido Key.

But don’t let that limit you! Design your own tour with Scott’s help. Just be careful out there and bring lots of water and sunscreen.

Book today or call us at (941)893-7221.

Bill’s Sarasota Kayaking Experience

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From Bill Connor of Islip NY.

I’m from New York, East Islip to be exact, which is a small town in Suffolk County out on Long Island. We went down to the Sarasota area to look at potential vacation homes and to enjoy a short 4 night vacation. We decided to go kayaking because we just wanted to enjoy some physical activity while enjoying the water and nature. I made the arrangements with Scott after my plans with another Kayak company fell through. I had found the other company on Trip Advisor. I luckily picked up a card at the desk at our hotel, the Lido Beach Resort.

Scott was awesome on the trip , we had plans to leave at 10AM, and we actually left early since we were a small group, 2 kayaks and 4 people total we got a lot of individual attention from Scott. His instructions and safety tips on using the kayak were right on mark and my wife and her sister were very much at ease while using the kayaks.

Scott was very informative, not just on the wild life we saw,birds, crabs, herons, ibises, pelicans, osprey, but also shared information about the various keys we toured and the history of the area.

I was a little concerned because it was my idea to go kayaking, but everyone agreed that it was the highlight of our trip and everyone would love to go out on the bay with Scott on our next trip. I really thought that the value/ quality of kayaking with Scott was off of the charts.

-Bill Connor