Ocean Kayak Fishing

Ocean Kayak Fishing – An Exciting and Fun-Filled Sport

The concept of ocean kayak fishing has truly gained a lot of popularity and is being accepted as a fun-filled and adventurous sports activity.  Before you venture out on your first kayak fishing trip, you need to be prepared and have some basic knowledge of fishing from a kayak, as well as the right kayak and gear in order to have a safe and productive trip.

Ask for expert advice before you buy kayak equipment and when you do buy, make your purchase from a professional company.  I do not advise buying a kayak or kayak fishing equipment online.  It is important to know what type of water your will be kayaking in when buying your kayak and gear.  In addition, if you are a beginner, exercise caution when going kayak fishing.  Ask for help from experts and kayak trainers when doing so.

Proper Equipment for your Fishing Adventure 

Some of the basic kayak fishing gear includes a compass, paddle leash, safety gear, spare clothes and, of course, bailers.  A first aid kit is also a must have.  Don’t forget to take your whistle, flares and a torch in case you lose your way.  Other ocean kayak fishing gear includes a rod holder and fish finder.  Make sure to fish in shallow waters when you are a beginner.  Later, when you gain more confidence, you can try out the deep waters.

In the past, kayaks were built for fishing in coastal and inland waters.  Kayaks were known as the hunter’s boat and were built with a simple wooden framework. Later, when the sport became popular, a lot of new technology, additions and alterations were made.  Today, kayaks are made of carbon fiber, fiberglass and even plastic.

Kayaks for Inland Fishing and Coastal Fishing

There are two different types of kayaks specifically used for  fishing.  One style has the fisherman sitting inside the kayak and the other has him/her sitting on top of the kayak.  If you are going to go sea fishing, it is advised to go for the S.O.T. kayaks as the water can be easily exited and the paddler finds it easier and hassle free.  Make sure to get appropriate training before venturing out into the sea so that you know what to expect and know how to respond.  Check out the sea conditions and local weather before venturing out for ocean kayak fishing. Last but not the least; go out in a sturdy kayak with good quality kayak equipment and gear.  It’s worth it for your safety and security Now you’re prepared! Have fun out there and catch some fish!

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